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Hubbell Industrial Lighting brings more than 40 years of industry leading engineering expertise to bear on a wide range of optics and ballast technology. Building on this expertise, Hubbell Lighting has pioneered many innovations in lighting optics and ballast/lamp systems designed to save your operation both energy and maintenance dollars over the life of their operation. Lighting warehouses, light and heavy-duty manufacturing, retail spaces and tough to light harsh and hazardous environments are just a small cross-section of Hubbell Industrial lighting applications.
Hubbell Industrial Lighting provides products and systems for varied applications, from vast warehouses, complex machinery and large mass merchandisers, to a wide range of process and assembly industries. Hubbell Industrial Lightings product line includes: energy-saving Electronic HID, long-life LED, Highbays, Lowbays, Superbay, glass, acrylic, compact fluorescent, switch level dimming and class 1 division 1 and 2 hazardous lighting fixtures and controls.


Designed by the most experienced engineers in the lighting industry, Hubbell Lighting's integrated sports lighting offers you a comprehensive package of products and services. Whether lighting a pro stadium, a gym, a tennis complex or a dozen ball fields, Hubbell's SLS combines outstanding engineering and real world design, along with proven installation and support expertise.

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The Cimarron solar LED CR1 unit is used with Hubbell Lighting’s solar lighting package. This DC unit is powered by the solar panel and battery that is custom designed for your location.

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The Scarab Series combines integrated design and application flexibility to produce a landscape accent system that meets the broadest range of illumination needs.

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The company implemented many of sports stadiums, including in Egypt

* Mansoura Stadium Sports
* Sohag Sports Stadium
* Minya Sports Stadium
* Banha Sports Stadium
* Mahala Sports Stadium

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